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Marla Mullaney
Phone: 612-207-8067

Gift Cards

Art Via Vino gift cards – a most unique Gift – for Groups, Couples, or Individuals.
They’ll leave with a smile and their very own frameable painting…

Bio of the Instructor

Doing Art Via Vino is such fun for me – I feel blessed to blend my love for art with my love for people, oh and   It is incredibly gratifying to hear people say, “I can’t believe I painted that!”. The encouraging, non-judging attitude that is at the heart of Art Via Vino creates such an upbeat group energy.  We get to know each other, even people we haven’t met before on a playful, personal level.

Storytelling is in my DNA. I am an Impressionistic oil painter and often paint in plein air, outside. Capturing the energy and passion of a scene is a thrill for me; I often paint scenes right around the Lake Minnetonka area. I’m incredibly inspired by the beauty and energy.  Playing drums, riding horses, sculpting and jewelry-making are some of my favorite pastimes. I find that each of these passions contributes to the next and become a stream of inspiration.

I studied art and psychology at UCLA, Chapman and Orange Coast College in California. My art is shown at several galleries in the Twin Cities, Wyoming and Colorado. Please click on to see my website where most of my paintings are posted.  Another more recent enterprise is Art on Purpose which combines creative with corporate to help define and focus on team building.

Art on Purpose LLC is Corporate Team Building with a Creative Twist. Our professional staff brings depth and diversity in training, teaching, Creative Studies and Art.  We design events to focus on your organizational team building.   Encouraging participants out of their comfort zones we will focus on communication, collaboration and risk taking in a supportive forum.  We offer unique projects such as cooperative mural painting, fast paced collaborative exercises and group hand drumming as a fun option. for Art on Purpose LLC,